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Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels

Athletic Greens Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels, 1,300mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids per Serving

  • OPTIMUM LEVELS OF THE ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS! Omega 3 helps provide daily Nutritional Insurance for people who want EPA & DHA in a fast, convenient and 100% natural dietary supplement.
  • ULTRA DISTILLED, ULTRA FILTERED, AND HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR THE HIGHEST PURITY - Athletic Greens ensures only the purest fish oil makes it to the bottle. Quality Fish Oil may be the most important supplement you can take for overall health and anti-aging.
  • BOOST YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS - You have heard all about the health and happiness boosting properties of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. You know that the QUALITY and PURITY of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are vital. The research on the benefits of fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids is overwhelming!
  • FEED YOUR BRAIN, EASE YOUR HEART - Studies show that the Omega 3s in Fish Oil have been shown to increase cognitive function, boost mood, and protect the heart from mental stress. Don't wait to begin adding Athletic Greens' Omega 3 Fish Oil to your diet today!